Monday, April 1, 2013

Sunny Arizona

This past weekend we went to Arizona with my family for our annual Spring Training trip. Since big family vacations always seem to be tough to organize with my family (Los Trujillo's), this is the one time of the year we all try to get together. My brother Isaac and his wife Kelsie are the greatest. They live just outside of Mesa and every year they open up their neat, clean house to a whole big group of rambunctious siblings, in-laws, and kids who turn it into a temporary tent city for the weekend.

Our one missing family this year was my sister Marci's family. Being out in Ohio, it was tough for them to make it out. We missed them big time! Hopefully this can help them feel like they were here. 

 We love family and we love baseball. What better things to bring us together?  Robbie is even making the transition into being a baseball fan (or so he tells me. Win.). We try to go see at least one pre-season baseball game down there, and fill the rest of our time with all this good stuff: 

We ran through the sprinklers in 90 degrees. 
We built and demolished more Jenga towers than you could possibly imagine

We played with Aunt Angie's hair. The headache afterward was totally worth it. 

We listened to Grandpa tell his stories around the fire. And Adlee had some serious moral dilemmas between wanting to stay here with Mom and Dad or live up in the stars like the princesses in Grandpa's story. It caused some tears.

We did Crossfit! Saturday night, Isaac talked 6 of us into going out into his garage-made-into-a-crossfit-gym and kicked our butts. Like seriously. Ask Nick. Poor Nick. 

We ate really, really well. As Trujillo's always do. 

We had snuggle time with Grandma.
We played dress up with His Majesty, King Grandpa.
Man, these kids are lucky. 
We created Princess Club!
We let a boy join Princess Club, so Mia had a pretty serious talk with Grady about what exactly his responsibilities were. 

We had pool time with the cousins!
We played with naked babies and bellies. 

We did lots of giggling.

We watched Wonder Woman get into several battles with bad guys and use her secret powers to escape every time. 
"Adlee! Cross your wrists!" Funniest thing. 

We watched the Reds KILL the Diamondbacks 9-0, and we all agreed it was one of the most enjoyable games we'd been to. Perfect weather, food, air conditioning, seats. Robbie is a fan!
We sat in the "All-You-Can-Eat" section. Who even knew that was a thing?!  We got as many hot dogs, chips, peanuts, popcorn, and drinks as our hearts desired. It was the BEST!!! What's a baseball game without an unlimited supply  of questionable meat?

That's the stuff. 

We had an Easter Egg hunt!

Look at the mug on that kid. Just wanna smooch him!

Easter is the best with babies around, they couldn't possibly eat all that candy!
Uncle Robbie and Adlee. Presh.

We watched the boys do an Egg Toss. Nick and Robbie got pretty far, but alas, they did not take the title. 

Beautiful form, what a babe. 

It was a good time all around. I'm always so sad when it has to end. But it was so great being with family, and who knows, maybe we'll even end up down in Arizona this fall. Only time will tell. Until then, goodbye beautiful, sunny, want-to-lay-out-and-swim-all-day-and-never-do-anything-else weather! We'll miss you!


  1. What a great weekend! Love you guys!

  2. Oh man, can I be in your family? ;) You know how to party!

    And Robbie, I love your new glasses! Lookin' good, Mr. Car-ter!