Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Viva Las Airport

So when we bought our plane ticket, it was cheapest to do an 8-hour layover in Vegas. So we thought, "Sweet! We'll get our strip on!" ....I just went back and re-read what i just wrote and it sounds dirty. But you know what I mean....Anyways, we were sadly disappointed when we eagerly arrived at the shuttle station to take what we thought would be a free shuttle to the strip, and were told that it would cost us 28 bones! Boo. 

So besides mapping out how we would survive in this airport if we suddenly became Tom Hanks in "The Terminal," here is how we entertained ourselves in an airport for 900 hours:

Playing with new toys (featuring Robbie and the kindle)

Reading on our new toys. Rob's starting off with an old favorite, Princess Bride. I'm starting with a recommendation from my sis about a female pope. Apparently we will learn loads about Rome. 

Lots of trips to the drinking fountain and, consequently, lots of trips to the bathroom.

All the Egyptian Rat-screw you can wrap your mind around. I made Robbie play until I won. We played a lot.

AIRPORT LUNCH! Last time at Carl's! Seriously though, why does airport lunch taste better than regular lunch? Is it because you pay twice as much? Twice the taste?

Nap, nap-a-rooskies. Man, isn't he cute?

But we are about to board which is crazy exciting!! We are already surrounded by people speaking languages we don't understand. Woot! This is gonna be great!

So farewell from Las Vegas! Next stop: Germany!

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  1. yayyyy! i'm so excited to follow your adventures in Yurrup! if the 8-hour las vegas layover post was was this entertaining, the rest is going to be amazing :)