Friday, May 20, 2016


Hello friends!

We have embarked on our latest journey! We somewhat spontaneously decided to go spend a week and a half in Bali and we are so pumped! 

This trip already got off to a GREAT start when the flight attendant on our first leg (JetBlue) gave us whole cans of drinks and FULL SIZE GOOD SNACKS and told us we could take as many as we want! 

Whaaaaaaaaaa?!?! We love all free things, but free food?! Next level, JetBlue. We have been stuck traveling American Airlines for so long, we didn't realize what a wonderful world of flight we were missing out on!

We arrive in Bali Sunday night, May 22nd and will stay til Tuesday, May 30th. We have loads planned so stay tuned if you've been missing these travel shenanigans!! I know I have.

Next stop: Dubai!

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  1. Let me know if Jennifer Aniston is on your Emirates flight!