Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 28: Santorini back to Athens

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Today's highlights:
-Recovery time
-Protection from the elements
-Back to see Maria, paid for us
-First real gyro
-Ferry late, slushee "I have a brain freeze and it feels amazing!"

***Robbie here***

Who's up for a short post? This guy.

Since yesterday was so action packed, it deserved a thorough recap. Today, however, was much less eventful so it'll be a quick one. 

We decided that we deserved a good, old fashioned sleep-in, due to the fact that we only slept a couple hours the night before. Heavenly. We slept in, surfed the web on our phones, and set up the next two weeks by writing emails to our future Romanian, Serbian, and Hungarian hosts. The wi-fi didn't reach our room, but it did reach our balcony. Since our bodies were sunburned beyond belief from being in the sun all day yesterday, we ventured out onto the balcony wearing these shade-creating beauties. 

We looked dang good. 

After relaxing we went to the Corner cafe where Maria (our new Romanian friend) works and ate breakfast there. We chatted with Maria until it was time to say goodbye. We promised we would stay in touch and then I asked how much the bill was. She walked inside for a minute, came back out and said "It's fine." She PAID FOR OUR BREAKFAST! Are you kidding me? We have met the most amazing people here. People who do such kind, seemingly simple gestures that no one else notices. But those gestures have made a HUGE difference to us. I'm getting sentimental right now just thinking of all of the people who have gone above and beyond in helping us. Anyway, she is great. 

For lunch (which we ate an hour after breakfast since we slept in so late) we had our first gyros. So good. This picture should convince you. 

Speaking of food (this whole post will have something to do with food. We love food), we had to wait in the blistering heat to catch the ferry back to Athens. It was so hot that only a slushee could bring us peace. When I got a brain freeze from drinking it too fast, all I could think of was how amazing it felt for at least some part of me to be cold. That's how hot it was. 

We hopped on our first day ferry to get back to Athens. Turns out, when you're not trying to sleep on an uncomfortable surface at 2:00 am, ferries aren't the worst way to go. Goodbye Santorini, we love you and will see you again someday. 

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