Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 44: Last full day in Germany

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Today's highlights:
-Main Tower
-Saying goodbye

***Robbie here***

Well internets... This is it! Our last full day in Europe. We leave before the crack of dawn tomorrow, so it's la revedere to all of the awesome adventures we have had and guten tag to real life. Kinda sad, but we are also excited to get back home. 

Today we were so tired from all of this traveling that we decided, since we have been in Frankfurt before, that we would take it easy. Yeah, I said it. Turns out that after 44 days of travel, that we are dog tired. So we spent the entire morning in our hotel room, reading, watching CNN (only English channel), and catching up on the blog. We wrote for probably 3 hours. But guess what? We have written about every day of this trip. That's an accomplishment! Now we get to have this journal for the rest of our lives. Kudos to us. 

After becoming stir crazy in our hotel, we decided to go to a really cool shopping center in the middle of town. It was this gigantic 7-story mall! The inside looked like most malls, but the outside was a beaut. Check it. 

That's a tunnel of glass running straight through it! Pretty slick. But Angie and I aren't going to pretend that we like shopping, so we basically just walked around, annoying eager salespeople at each store by not even getting close to buying anything. 

After the mall we went to the Main Tower, a 54 story panorama view of the entire city! When we got to the top it was as if we could see every country we had visited. We obviously couldn't, but it felt like a fitting activity to do on our final day--just soak in the beauty of this amazing place and remember all of the cool experiences we had. 

So there you go everyone! Lets all hang out when we get back, and if you're lucky, we will annoy you with thousands of pictures and say things like "You call that a lasagna? That tastes nothing like an Italian lasagna! The real thing is 100 times better" You know, smug stuff like that. You will love us. Peace and Blessings. 


  1. I will never, never make lasagna for Sunday dinner. Never never. You are hilarious, Rob!

  2. Peace and blessings, peace and blessings...