Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 33: Alexandria, Romania #2

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Today's highlights:
   -Church, aka Cryfest
   -Goodbye to our Romanian family

***Robbie here***

Today was an emotional roller coaster that's for sure. We went to the Alexandria branch for church and it was an amazing experience. When I was here, we were a few members meeting in a school auditorium. Now we are meeting in a beautiful villa with offices, classrooms, and a sacrament room. Unfortunately many of the members that I baptized either have moved away or no longer can attend church for one reason or another. However, there were some amazing new members that we were able to meet before service began.

Next was Cryfest 2013. President Matei asked Angie and I to speak, oh boy. First was Sora Matei, who cried as she said how happy she was that we were there. 

So when my turn came, I obviously kept my composure throughout my entire turn. And when I say "kept my composure" I meant "cried the entire time," probably not being understood due to my blubbering and having not spoken in Romanian like that for 7 years. Yikes. Needless to say, it was a powerful experience for me to look out across the small congregation while reminiscing about when we first arrived to Alexandria. I just loved these members for their strong faith, courage, and examples. 

Angie was next and she didn't cry as much as me, she's a rock. She was a little emotional at first, but then bore such a strong testimony that I was blown away. I love her! So great. 

After church, we gathered some of the members who hasn't left yet on the steps of the villa and here we are! The girl with glasses is preparing to serve a full time mission, which would make her the first missionary to leave from Alexandria!

After church we went back to the Matei's home and chatted for the rest of the day. We ate delicious food, talked about anything and everything until it was time for us to take the last bus back to Bucuresti. We said goodbye to Lord and Rookie, and headed to the bus stop with the Mateis. 

If there is anything that I hate more than goodbyes, it is writing/describing them. We were at the bus station, and it was difficult to say goodbye. We hugged all three of them, and I saw how strongly the Matei family cared for Angie already. We don't know when we will be able to come back and visit in Romania, so it was painful to leave. 

We entered the bus and sat on the back row. These buses are equipped with curtains that cover the windows. Angie and I were waiting for the bus to leave when I just felt like I should open the curtain right next to me. When I opened the curtain, I was surprised to see Sora Matei standing outside my window. She had been looking for me to say one more goodbye. That was the dagger. I knew I was leaving my Romanian family. Whew. Tough. 

We got to Sora Gorzo's that night and we learned some old Romanian songs from her. Sorry we didn't take many photos today, we will for sure take more in the future. Tomorrow is Brasov!

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  1. Wow-are we loving the updates on your adventures! Thanks for taking us all along with you! If only it didn't make us miss you so darn much.....